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Trauma is an emotional response to a very distressing event. An auto accident, a natural disaster, parental loss in childhood or the sudden death of a loved one, physical violence, sexual assault, or natural disaster are some events that can be traumatic. Trauma can undermine a person’s sense of safety and sense of self-worth. Someone who has experienced trauma can have flashbacks, being triggered to feel that the event is happening all over again, in the present moment. Shock and denial often come immediately after a traumatic experience, but over the longer term, trauma can interfere in a person’s ability to have trusting relationships with others, to trust in oneself, and can include unpredictable emotions. Physical symptoms can include startle response, headaches or nausea, trouble sleeping, over eating or not eating enough. All of these are normal trauma responses, but sometimes it is difficult to heal and move forward in our life.

When we are traumatized we develop protective behaviors that can help us survive difficult childhoods. When we are adults, we often hold on to those protective behaviors until we realize we don’t need them anymore and they are interfering in our current relationships. I can help you to leave behind thought patterns and behaviors that are no longer working for you. Our work together will help you connect with new beliefs about yourself and behaviors that can help you truly transform your life.

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